Sponsor Welcome Back To Africa’s Vision

Dear all,


My name is Ives Kabayabaya, final year law student and the founder and CEO of a Welcome Back To Africa charity (WBTA). WBTA is a non-profit-making organisation led by undergraduate and graduate students. WBTA was established with the assistance of Kingston University WBTA society.

There will be WBTA’s Educational Tour to Africa Launch event in order to bring awareness about our future project of building a library in Mozambique, the first of many in Africa. We hope that this project will benefit both the local and international community, especially those students who will be travelling to Africa to share their experience with other students.

We would be grateful if you could help to sponsor WBTA’s Educational Tour to Africa Launch event to enable the charity to convert its vision to reality. There will be students from across UK universities and from other countries such as Italy, Belgium, France and Holland. We are anticipating 100 guests, and all sponsors will be mentioned in our Event Programme. Our inspirational guest speakers will include Dr. Peter Garside (associate Professor, Kingston University School of Geography, Geology and the Environment); Rasheed Ige (Founder Chairman & Managing Director at Finest Foundation), Tonia Tiel-Ash (Founder & Managing Director Mumtrepreneur Club).

The amount you give is completely up to you. Currently, we need to raise £1000 in order to cover the event programme printings, food, decoration and a professional videographer/photographer and prizes. If you are interested in sponsoring WBTA, then please do not hesitate to give us a call or email. To learn more, please visit the website below. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards

Ives Kabayabaya
Founder and CEO
Welcome Back to Africa


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