Educational Tour to Africa Launch

WBTA invites you to an “Educational Tour to Africa Launch” 

“Let’s work together to build a library in Africa, the first of many.”

Welcome Back To Africa (WBTA) is a nonprofit organisation which is here to create a global network of students who will together, through the sharing of experiences, goals and aspirations, work towards aiding the development of education in Africa.

Three years ago, Ives Kabayabaya came up with the idea of “welcome back to africa” as he saw a unique opportinuty which can help the improvment of access to basic education in Africa. Ives had an opportunity to meet with many students from around the world to share the WBTA vision with them. As a result, many students showed their interest with the concept of “giving back through education” to the less fortunate students in Africa.

Ives will be conducting a trip to Africa in which all those over the age of 18 interested can also come along and play part too. The main reason of this trip is to travel/visit Africa and build a relationship with the local community that we will be working with.

WBTA will support individuals and companies wishing to invest in Africa by creating more platforms.

There will be two events that will take place before this trip. The purpose of these events is to establish WBTA priorities projects:

The first event will take place Friday the 15 January 2016

The second event will take place Friday the 18 March 2016

WBTA hopes that members and supporters will be fully engaged in order to make this dream become a reality.

For more information please visit: Welcome Back To Africa

Email: or simply call or text Ives on 07763 553920

Kind Regards

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