Provide Students in Africa With a Gateway to The Rest of The World



Phone: +44 (0)7763 553920

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  1. NAME: The charity’s name is  Welcome Back To Africa (WBTA)


  • To create a global network of students who will together, through the sharing of experiences, goals and aspirations, work towards aiding the development of education in Africa.

  • To help bridge the gaps created by physical borders in order to create and maintain positive and fruitful relationships, not only between students but also between universities and other teaching institutions across the world.

  • We currently host annual trips to Africa where students involve themselves in activities to build mutually beneficial relationships to enhance both their personal and academic development.

  • Act as facilitators to assist in bringing students together and creating opportunities for both individual growth and community based enrichment.

  • Through various projects, WBTA aims to provide students in Africa with a gateway to the rest of the world where they can share their ideas and experiences and draw from the experiences of others to work towards a brighter future for themselves.

  • We believe that students, from all backgrounds, all countries and all walks of life have positive and unique qualities that they can share with others and we aim to provide them with a platform to do so.

10712444_801823323202452_1500027465332734626_oThe WBTA Inauguration, Kingston September 2014


Note: Welcome Back To Africa (WBTA) is currently a small charity with an annual income under £5,000 that do not own a building or employ people.  WBTA intends to register with the Charity Commission when annual income exceeds £5000.



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