Previous Events


Charity and Networking event with our partner Kingston Lodge Hotel. Student engagement event, raising a total of £500 for Welcome Back to Africa. Certificates were provided, special guest speakers from Kingston University and live performances.

2014 3Ives Kabayabaya_RBS_Certificate
RBS ESSA Awards Ceremony 2014 at the Louise Blouin Foundation venue. This was a competition Welcome Back to Africa. Ives Kabayabaya was awarded for outstanding performance and lasting contribution.

Welcome Back to Africa’s Inauguration Dinner & Dance at Kingston Lodge Hotel. An inspiring inauguration dinner and dance.



In 2015, Ives Kabayabaya studied his second academic year as Erasmus exchange student in Istanbul Bilgi University which then set up WBTA Turkey.


Launch of the educational tour to Africa dinner party which took place in the Kingston Lodge Hotel. The purpose for the event was to build awareness about upcoming educational tours and trip to Africa.


Faiza, our Coordinator held an event Kingston University’s SU Bar before her volunteering trip to Kenya. Some of the donations of the money raised also went to former Kingston staff member’s cancer treatment raising a total of £250.

Welcome Back to Africa’s Europe Promotional Trip:
June 2016: Welcome Back to Africa’s’ Europe promotional tour to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam to meet like-minded students in different educational systems. Ives travelled to Paris, meeting with ten international students. He travelled to Brussels and Amsterdam to continue the promotional trip. The trip was a major success as there are now ambassadors across Europe supporting our vision.

KU GRAD PARTY 2016Kingston Graduation Party 2016. Faiza and Ives both graduated in 2016.