Let’s make ‘Academic material for children in East Africa’ happen

Let’s make ‘Academic material for children in East Africa’ happen



This summer 2017, with the support of WBTA ambassadors from Belgium, China, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and US we will be heading to Burundi for our first annual trip to Africa. Our ambassadors will have an opportunity to meet with local students including various outreach activities to enhance both the students’ personal and academic development.

During this trip, WBTA is collaborating with local charities such as Smile For Children. We aim to raise a total of £600, which will be purchased the following:

1. 432 notebooks (100 & 60 pages) for 100 less fortunate children living in Gitega, Burundi
2. Mathematics equipment to enhance learning for the next academic year
3.  A day spent with local children, cooking food for the community and inspiring students to guide and help with career choices. Here our ambassadors will play a crucial role in reassuring the children and youngsters can eventually fulfil their dreams with on-going support.

Founder and CEO, Ives Add to dictionary left Burundi in 2003 with his family during the civil war that ended in 2006. He fled to Mozambique and completed his formative years. In 2008, aged 19, he came to the United Kingdom to settle with his family and started his new life. He first attended Lewisham College to study ESOL lessons soon completing a Higher Education Access Course at Kingston College in 2011.

Ives was inspired through his travels to various countries in Eastern and Southern of Africa, after seeing injustices throughout his trips. This strengthened his desire to work towards achieving equity for all. During his law degree, Ives for the first time created “Welcome Back To Africa Society” at Kingston University which brought together students across from different departments in order for them to work on project that could make a difference for those in needs in Africa.