Meet our team


Welcome Back to Africa currently has active ambassadors in Burundi, Turkey, and United Kingdom.



I am originally from Burundi and moved to the United Kingdom where I completed most of my education. I studied a Law Bachelor’s degree and I am currently pursuing a master’s degree at Kingston University, London. It was within my second year that I set up Welcome Back to Africa society with the idea of bringing students together to find ways to help other less fortunate students in Africa.

My travels across Eastern and Southern Africa influenced my passion to create Welcome Back to Africa. I knew one day I would go back to visit my motherland and did not want to go back with empty hands. Giving back through education was what I deemed the most successful way to make a positive impact to others with a similar upbringing. Welcome Back to Africa, as a platform will provide the opportunity for myself as well as others to share experiences and contribute positively.



I first heard of Welcome Back To Africa when the founder, Ives Kabayabaya mentioned to me his passion for creating a better Africa through education and the exchange of knowledge. I was immediately hooked and onboard as this spoke directly to my own overwhelming desire to enrich the continent that brought me into the world. My own passion comes from having a first-hand account of the real Africa, its many challenges but also its utterly incomparable ability and potential.

It was my very early upbringing in Africa that shaped me to understand that it takes hard work, determination and the right resources in order for anyone to be successful and have a fulfilled life. As I grew up I got to see that unfortunately in Africa, some people might have the determination and put in the hard work but not have the resources. The most vital of these resources being education. This is where Welcome Back To Africa comes in, to bridge the gap. I believe that as the movement grows, we will really empower people and show the world the true Africa!



It was my final year at Kingston University when I received an invitation for the launch of Welcome Back to Africa Educational Tour. Having no previous knowledge of the charity, I attended the event and I fell in love immediately. Since then, a different door has opened for me. I studied a Bachelor in International Business and always knew I wanted to give back to my motherland.

During this event, I knew my career had changed instantly. It’s a feeling one cannot explain unless you experience it. WBTA has not only given me a platform to grow but the chance to exchange skills, experience and knowledge. I am able to be myself and tap into my skillset. The desire to be part of the solution for the development of education in Africa has always been within me. This is a life-changing movement and for this I thank WBTA for allowing me to give back to somewhere I call home while meeting amazing people on the way.




I believe that everyone should have access to education. Unfortunately, people’s accessibility tends to be based on where they reside in the world. Upon hearing about the aspirations of Welcome Back to Africa, I immediately jumped at the opportunity of being part of something great.

The provision of developing education across Africa through a global network embodied my underlying desire to make a positive impact.

Whilst studying Biochemistry at the Queen Mary University of London, I have been involved in a variety of projects that bring about change within communities. Providing a voice and platform to those less fortunate than ourselves is something we should all strive to do and Welcome Back To Africa does just that. I believe education is important as commonly said ‘Knowledge Is Power’.




I am a Burundian Civil Engineering Student at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Growing up I was always troubled by my country’s economic situation, which was characterised mostly by a series of internal conflicts. After in-depth research, I learned that this was common amongst all African countries right after independence.

I knew this charity was a right way to tackle some of the problems Africa is currently facing. The lack of quality education has drastically slowed down developed amongst communities and meant that Africa relies on third parties.



Ives Kabayabaya visited Nişantaşi University in Istanbul where I currently study Civil Engineering. In 2017, he was happy to support me in collecting books to take back to my homeland Burundi. He helped me to believe that we are to build a library. I invite everybody to come together and help our continent through education.
As previously mentioned, I too believe that education is at the core of solutions to tackle the developmental issues we face in Africa.


I was born in Istanbul and have been living in this unique city with my family. I obtained a dual degree in Mathematical Engineering just after having completed Statistics at Yildiz Technical University. From an age of understanding, I grew to learn about some of the injustices in Africa. Having the opportunity to complete these degrees exposed me to people from all backgrounds. I am now able to use my own experiences to try to give back to humanity.




Since an early age, I have had an enthusiasm for learning and expanding my knowledge. I have always been interested in business operations, fascinated by other languages, cultural differences and with everything I learn I find I want to know more…

I first met Ives Kabayabaya during my birthday celebration who shared the plans and projects he had for WBTA. I found this is to be the perfect opportunity for me to be a part of as it matched my passion for helping others.  As Mahatma Gandhi once said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” and I am proud to say I have joined a worthwhile cause fighting for people.






Dr. Liberat.png
I am a passionate young doctor who took the opportunity to study Medicine in Turkey. I always believed in the philosophy of coming back to Africa and using the knowledge I gained to build my beautiful country, which is one of the poorest countries in the world.

I work in some of the poorest villages in Burundi away from my friends and family because I believe in giving back to the people who are in need.




Designing an idea, building it and seeing it last is what makes me passionate about Civil Engineering, my field of study.

What prompted me to join WBTA and was my belief that the best way to develop Africa is through students as this will ensure sustainable development. Being one of the first in the field, I will continue to help integrate this and future projects. If the start is well done, the following becomes easier.  WBTA is what Africa is in need of. It will approach African youth and solve one of the major factors that prevent them from advancing, education.