Calvin Ebun-Amu

I have always enjoyed reading updates of WBTA’s progress across the globe as it continues to contribute to the development of Africa through education. When the opportunity came for me to get more involved in its work in Nigeria, I didn’t have to give it a second’s thought. I am very excited by the potential for African youths to be empowered in different ways through Education. The strength of nations depend on it.

WBTA represents the endearing features of Africa: camaraderie, hope, and positivity. My vision for an Africa that our grandkid’s children may comfortably live in, learn in, and dream in motivates me to work with WBTA to substantially increase the quality of education in Africa. 

As a law graduate, MBA candidate, and analyst, it become ever more clear to me just how impactful the quality of education one receives from youth may have on their destiny and those of others. It is imperative that we equip the leaders of tomorrow with the tools to build the foundations of new Africa. For this reason, I am fully committed to the success of Welcome Back to Africa in its endeavours.