Faiza Abdulkadir

It was my final year at Kingston University when I received an invitation for the launch of Welcome Back to Africa Educational Tour. Having no previous knowledge of the charity, I attended the event and I fell in love immediately. Since then, a different door has opened for me. I studied a Bachelor in International Business and always knew I wanted to give back to my motherland.

During this event, I knew my career had changed instantly. It’s a feeling one cannot explain unless you experience it. WBTA has not only given me a platform to grow but the chance to exchange skills, experience and knowledge. I am able to be myself and tap into my skillset. The desire to be part of the solution for the development of education in Africa has always been within me. This is a life-changing movement and for this I thank WBTA for allowing me to give back to somewhere I call home while meeting amazing people on the way.