Rian Kansiime Shaka

I first heard of Welcome Back To Africa when the founder, Ives Kabayabaya mentioned to me his passion for creating a better Africa through education and the exchange of knowledge. I was immediately hooked and onboard as this spoke directly to my own overwhelming desire to enrich the continent that brought me into the world. My own passion comes from having a first-hand account of the real Africa, its many challenges but also its utterly incomparable ability and potential.

It was my very early upbringing in Africa that shaped me to understand that it takes hard work, determination and the right resources in order for anyone to be successful and have a fulfilled life. As I grew up I got to see that unfortunately in Africa, some people might have the determination and put in the hard work but not have the resources. The most vital of these resources being education. This is where Welcome Back To Africa comes in, to bridge the gap. I believe that as the movement grows, we will really empower people and show the world the true Africa!