Rümeysa İhvan

I was born in Istanbul and have been living in this unique city with my family. I obtained dual degree in Mathematical Engineering just after having completed Statistics at Yildiz Technical University.

My parents are idealist believers who used to make big chats with their small children. Those chats were about everything what make us human; what should be our priorities, how we should pick our references and what we shouldn’t forget.

I remember my shock when my mom told the fact about Native Americans and African colonies for the first time. That obvious injustice was wildly unbelievable and deeply tristful even to that little child. While growing up, I was not able to get these feelings off. Since there have been so many lies and badness with distracting materials in this system, I knew I have had to remember my humanity at the end of the day.

Now, there is a rosy opportunity to make something good for the people who has been deserving it for a long time and that’s what I have to remember.