Our Story

What is Welcome Back to Africa?

WBTA is here to create a global network of students who will together, through the sharing of experiences, goals and aspirations, work towards aiding the development of education in Africa.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to help bridge the gaps created by physical borders to set up and maintain positive and fruitful relationships, not only between students but also universities and other teaching institutions across the world.

We currently host annual trips to Africa where students involve themselves in activities which aim to build mutually beneficial relationships which enhance both their personal and academic development. We view ourselves as facilitators who assist in bringing these students together and creating opportunities for both individual growth and community-based enrichment.

Through our various projects, we aim to provide students in Africa with a gateway to the rest of the world where they can share their ideas and experiences and draw from the experiences of others to work towards a brighter future for themselves.

We believe that students, from all backgrounds, all countries and all walks of life have positive and unique qualities that they can share with others, and we aim to provide them with a platform to do so.



Building a library in Burundi

One of our latest projects is building a library in Gitega, Burundi.

Five-Year Plan

The library will be designed to provide a variety of educational facilities for the local people and international students to use. It will also include computer rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms to host seminars. Eventually, when the library is built, it will also be used for other purposes to support the local people such as English Classes and ICT lessons.

2017:  Allocate land in Burundi where the library will be built.

2020: Raised the required amount to build the library which will be open to public and students.

2022: At this point, the library should be functioning with the required resources such as computers and books. Annual educational tours will commence on a regular basis signing up volunteers over the age of 18 to exchange ideas, experiences, and skills and participate in Welcome Back to Africa programmes.