There are various ways YOU or YOUR COMPANY can partner with us, creating a beneficial and long-lasting partnership.

Why partner with us?

Welcome Back to Africa is running three main programmes for our annual 2017 trip and will continue to create more programmes. Our three main programmes are:

  1. Educational tours in educational institutions i.e. schools and universities
  2. Holiday trips to East Africa
  3. Investment opportunities in Africa

We also have WBTA ambassadors across the globe such as America, Burundi, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom. A partnership with us will generate you or your company positive brand association, increase in sales and potentially reach different audiences.

You can partner with us to support:

  • Our latest project in building a library in Burundi
  • Resources for the library
  • Travels (flights, travel insurance and accommodations)
  • Marketing materials
  • Events (Charity dinners and meetings)
  • Volunteer Recruitment (The UK and overseas)

If you have any questions about how you can partner with us, please email us.